2017 – Let’s Do This!

Hello, Dear Whole Soul Community!

Happy 2017!

I am kicking off this New Year with the energetic imprint of possibilities, opportunities, and new beginnings! This means that you will be hearing from me more and more as the year unfolds! ????

When I think about possibilities, opportunities, and new beginnings, I think about INTENTION.

INTENTION is defined as the “determination to act in a certain way.”

As it happens, we are already living our INTENTIONS — whether consciously or unconsciously — so we need to wake up to what it is that we are intending.

The start of the New Year and the opportunity this offers for implementing real change is what revs me up! Are you with me? The energetic field surrounding this INTENTION feels very exhilarating to me! Who doesn’t like possibility, right?

Do you know that there is accumulating scientific evidence that INTENTION can alter the physical world around us?


10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World

With the New Year, we can SET OUR INTENTION to move forward with taking ownership of our dreams and working hard to make them come true.

Think of it like planting a seed — where growth follows. When we SET OUR INTENTION, we are planting our seeds for possibility!

Whether this concept of INTENTION is new for you, or simply a refresher, here are some ideas for an action plan to help you get started:

  1. Never forget the importance of having balance in your life with respect to work, love, and play.
  2. Always make sure to keep your “work area” organized so that your flow can be seamless.
  3. Spend some time thinking about, and then writing down, your INTENTIONS.
  4. It might help if you could find a “system” to prioritize them. Figure out what really matters to you and then create your list and feel free to revise it periodically. Revisit it often to hold yourself accountable for what you have listed as your priorities.
  5. Create a quiet and special place where you can allow your dreams to bubble up inside.
  6. Reflect upon how you can minimize distractions so that you can get things done more efficiently.
  7. Try waking up a bit earlier every morning, if you possibly can. This reflective time at the beginning of each day will allow space for ideas and inspirations to sprout.
  8. Expose yourself to new concepts and ways of doing things — for example, consider how you might streamline your responsibilities at home and at work, consider improving communication with your team at home and at work, consider implementing healthier lifestyle choices.
  9. Stay focused on your goals and your action plan throughout your day.
  10. Resist the temptation to multi-task so that you can bring your best to everything that you do.
  11. Stay engaged, present, and focused in the moment — remembering, always, to breathe as deeply as possible.

More generally, be sure to create time for YOU. Put your effort into where your passions reside. Give yourself permission to follow through on your dreams. Soon enough you will see that you are reaping the benefits!

I would love to hear from YOU about YOUR INTENTIONS. Please do think about offering any ideas that you might have to our Whole Soul Community.

Welcome 2017 — LET’S DO THIS!

Let this be our time — our year of rebirth!

Your brain, your body, and your spirit will thank you!

I look forward to helping you find, and live, your MOST COMPLETE SELF so that you can move forward and, ultimately, find your own exceptional wholeness!

Whole Soul Community – WE CAN DO THIS!!



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