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“ Listen to your Intuition. It will tell you all that you need to know. „

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I am so thrilled that you have come to check out my website today. I am Angela and I am an Energy Healing Practitioner. A long time ago (it almost feels like a past life!) I received my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology/ Alliant International University. I thoroughly enjoyed this path of becoming and being a clinical psychologist until one day; I could feel the twists of fate taking some rather significant turns as they often do!! I began to sense energies and experience powerful intuitive insights that felt otherworldly, and I knew that I no longer fit into the box of what I had thought I had been!

In those days, I was known as, and recognized as, Dr. Angela Segal -- holding A PhD in Clinical Psychology, a licensed psychologist in 3 states, with a background in testing and therapy and then somewhat suddenly my world as I knew it, started to shift rather significantly. I no longer felt the relevance of diagnoses and DSM codes, but rather my main focus became identifying, understanding, and clearing energetic blockages within the individual and understanding the importance of aligning the being with the overall soul...

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But wait, Energy Blockages and Soul Alignment had not been part of my doctoral training – but PhD or not, licensed in 3 states or not, I had this deep burning and knowing in my soul that there was more…I knew that my training, background, and expertise were incredibly valuable, however, I also felt so deeply in my being that there was so much more that was not being identified, tapped into, understood. I sensed things and knew things that validated that truth isn’t always a scientific research paper – that truth holds much more than meets the eye. I was determined to understand what lay between these vastly different worlds.

Although my experiential and phenomenological training in Meditation and Mindfulness began in my early 20’s at The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies in Washington, DC, during this late existential grappling, I found myself grasping onto this form of understanding myself, and the world around me. I began even deeper studies of Mindfulness and Meditation with Neuroscientist Debbie Norris, PhD, from The Mindfulness Center, and Tara Brach, PhD, also a psychologist, and Jack Kornfield. This world has never disappointed me. In fact, it was in part what allowed me to find my next stepping-stone of my career.

I had no idea where exactly I was going, or furthermore, where I would land, but I knew that to align with my own souls purpose, I had to find out and I knew that I would need to pave out a path that had not yet existed in the typical world of “psychologists.” I had to simply follow my intuition. I had to do this for me and for all of the people with whom I would be working. I knew that I had been called by some higher power to evolve in ‘beyond words’ type ways to then help those around me to do the same. I have spent countless hours in mindfulness training and meditation – always feeling better after each. I could feel the synapses doing their thing. I could feel the amazing power of the collective doing its magic while entraining with these great spiritual teachers. Mindfulness meditation was my foundation, my go to, my fall back.

In addition, I have had the great pleasure of studying with the extraordinarily gifted and internationally renowned Dietrich Klinghardt, MD. PhD, as well as the Amazing Energy Therapist, Amy B. Scher. While learning their systems (Klinghardt and Scher), I was inspired to craft my own system of Energy Healing that bore my own particular signature. I call this “Segal System of Energy Healing.”

I am a deeply spiritual being who understands that the world is much more than what we see… Because of this understanding, I am able to help us access relevant information about you and your healing – between the seen and unseen -- – helping you find and live your best self so that you can move forward and ultimately POWER UP your own exceptional wholeness.

In addition to my background in Clinical Psychology, I bring to the table a unique combination of an “uncanny intuition” as to which direction we need to go during our work together, coupled with extensive training in energy medicine and energy psychology techniques.

I absolutely love what I do and I feel so extraordinarily grateful to have found my calling to be able to use my unique gifts to be able to serve and assist you to POWER UP!

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