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Focus on What You Do Want

Grow the potential of "yes" so that you can manifest your dreams. What would YOU like to manifest?
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Connecting to the Divine

Connecting to the Divine and allowing its light and energy to flow through you can bring you back to your Center and help you overcome whatever internal resistances you might ...
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2017 – Let’s Do This!

Hello, Dear Whole Soul Community! Happy 2017! I am kicking off this New Year with the energetic imprint of possibilities, opportunities, and new beginnings! This means that you will be ...
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The Poetry of Song

The poetry of song The beauty and splendor of a flower The sound of a bird chirping The love inside your heart The glow inside your eyes The being inside ...
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Consciousness is the Mirror

Every single thought carries its own energy – and this energy is imbued with its own life force. And so we really do want to select those thoughts (those energies) ...
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I Make Happy

I make happy is the conscious waywe choose, create, discover our happiness. But, in order to arrive there,we must first engage in presence, awareness. In the words of Dudjom Rinpoché ...
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Just Show Up!

Just show up! So here it is -- my awareness for today is that if we can just show up for "whatever," we will be able to create space and ...
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