I Make Happy

I make happy is the conscious way
we choose, create, discover our happiness.

But, in order to arrive there,
we must first engage in presence, awareness.

In the words of Dudjom Rinpoché —

Although hundreds or thousands 
of explanations are given,
There is only one thing to be understood —
Know the one thing 
that liberates everything — 
Awareness itself, your true nature.

from “Wisdom Nectar: Dudjom Rinpoché’s Heart Advice”

We get to make happy once we are able
to tap into the wisdom of our souls,
to pursue our passions,
to come home to our essence,
and to extricate our minds from ego interference.

But we must also be able to step into our bodies —
become embodied —
in order to feel the joy, pleasure, and satisfaction
that are there, waiting to be found.

We make happy when we are able
to quiet our minds, engage our bodies,
and sit with and savor the stillness.

This enables us to amplify
our ability to appreciate
all that surrounds us
and to feel the rapture
of the fullness that resides within us.

This experience is an I am —
a beautiful, humbling, and mystifying
expansion of consciousness.

Angela Segal, PhD


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