Just Show Up!

Just show up!

So here it is — my awareness for today is that if we can just show up for “whatever,” we will be able to create space and opportunity for the unfolding to occur, for the sense of possibility to gestate and begin to take form, and for the unknown to become known.

This means that “no” — you do not need to have the entire road map planned out in advance — the entire rest of your life known ahead of time — no, not at all. Having the destination figured out before you get there is simply not natural — not only does that not allow the process to unfold but also it sends a message to your mind that things have to be planned perfectly for life to work out — or else! This can lead to a “clenching” and a “holding in” instead of allowing you to see what could be…

Do you really want this constriction of your energy?

When we cling to the belief that we need to know how everything will unfold and what we must do to get there, the flow of life simply does not have a chance! The flow of the river or the rhythm of the waves cannot do their magic with this kind of restraint.

So we practice letting go… We practice letting go of that over which we have no control.

I hope you will join me today as I re-commit to just showing up, letting the unknown unfold without any particular attachment to the outcome. This might be a yoga or meditation class, a reflective walk, time with a friend, or perhaps a quiet stroll through the woods — anything that will allow you to tap into whatever burning desires you might have in your soul.

It really does not matter what you do, just show up!

Who is ready to join me in committing or, perhaps, re-commiting? Look for the signs from the universe… they are always there, waiting to be found.

We just need to show up!


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