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Energy Therapist and Author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

Angela's compassion, intuitive ability, and instinct for finding and clearing blockages in a graceful and effective way are a rare find in the world of energy therapy and healing. She is a brilliantly gifted and dedicated practitioner who will help you access brand new possibilities so that you can move forward in your life. I have complete faith in Angela and deeply trust her ability to help clients overcome any challenges that may be blocking their best selves. I myself have experienced Angela's work and highly recommend her to others.


Anonymous (Retired Minister)

I don’t know where to begin…but THANK YOU seems like a good place to start! After my first few sessions with Angela to treat longstanding physical ailments and restore emotional well-being, I left with something no other provider has ever been able to render, namely, hope. The hope and relief of our initial work grew into long-term, sustained change and improvement through the use of energy healing, applied kinesiology, family constellations work, and prayer. Along the way, I have “learned” to “unlearn” the negative ways that I was taught to perceive the world. I have also come to understand the larger body of energy in which all of us exist and, in doing so, have been able to take ownership of the active role that I can play in healing myself. The irony is that I, who spent decades helping others to find their hope, had lost track of my own faith. But through my amazing work with Angela, who is truly an Angel(a) from above, I was able to restore my own faith and recover my health. Angela is truly an astoundingly gifted healer – and I feel so relieved (and blessed!) to have found her and her magic!

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Lisa Rosenthal

Angela is a beautiful healer. She is gentle, empathic and able to zero in on your concerns with confidence and ease.  I truly felt cared for and seen as she used various modalities to address my issues and help me to release them.  It has been a month since we worked together and the issues that were so pressing for me then no longer remain. I now feel lighter and happier with more energy and enthusiasm.  Thank you Angela for your wonderful wisdom and healing! I know I will return for another session very soon.


Marlo Sims Senior Director, Global Accounts HelmsBriscoe

Angela is what we call a Jack of All Trades. I turn to her with all my typical ailments – UTIs, chest infections, fatigues – and she always smiles and says, “Don’t worry, we will change this for you,” with that huge smile of hers. But it was about six months when I became really stunned by her abilities. My daughter, Sydney, was running on weeks of exhaustion from school, late hours at the dance studio, and severe stress. It was winter and freezing outside. On this one day, we were looking at about 4 hours of a dance competition ahead of her, and once again her stress and fatigue induced a migraine that was rearing its ugly head at the exact wrong time. As usual, I was pushing Advil, Aleve, Excedrin – and, of course, nothing was working. Angela saw Syd’s tears from across the dressing room, and she also saw me, her mom, scared and desperately attempting to eliminate my daughter’s pain. Syd was going to be dancing in 30 minutes. Angela came up right to us, whipped out of her bag of tricks (including different oils, herbals, and her “healing method”) and, within minutes, Syd’s calmness, color, and smile had returned. Her sharp pain had miraculously disappeared! Sydney looked up and said, with incredible relief, surprise, and delight, “I feel completely different!” It was not the awful over-the-counter medications that had cured her – it was Angela and her combination of treatments. After that, we became very dependent on Angela, who literally got Syd through the remaining three competitions over the next weeks. Each time, Angela knew exactly when to help her and what to do. Among other things, Angela would use these amazing scents to relax Syd from the inside out! It would take about 10 minutes!

In the weeks and months that followed, Angela kept a close watch on my daughter and now, whenever Syd sees her, she rushes up and gives Angela the hugest hug – and they have this look between them. Syd cannot begin to understand how this all worked, but she knows that it was Angela who cured her when she was at her most vulnerable. I will never forget how Angela helped us that one weekend, and how she chose to remain a part of our life. She has made all the difference in our world. 


Dawn DeSylvia, MD, Integrative Family Practitioner

It is rare to find someone with the sensitivity that Dr. Segal has, alongside the rigorous cultivation of knowledge on a scientific level. This translates to an ability to offer her clients a healing opportunity that is both sophisticated and completely tangible. I have seen the difference Dr. Segal’s work can make in people’s lives and frequently refer my patients to work with her. Because of her intensive study of how our unconscious beliefs deeply affect our physical health, Angela is able to trace those threads back to their source, and in helping to untangle them, provide an opportunity for the cells and the Self to find a new way of being. If you have been looking for the missing link, Dr. Segal is your answer!


Nancy Cerniglia, CNC, CNHP, Bioenergetic Kinesiologist

Angela's healing work is profound. She is so fully present and helps me stay introspectively focused, such that everything else (but what we are healing) disappears. Her work is so profound. She goes deeply into the core of issues and brings great relief physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Angela is a gift!


Jay S. Greenstein, DC, CCSP, TPI CGFI, CKTP, FMS, Chiropractor

When my family and I needed a prayer and positive energy in the universe to facilitate the high-risk birth of my niece, Dr. Segal was there with her magic to expedite the whole process. We had been worrying for weeks about potential major complications that might occur during the delivery. But Angela, on the spot, pulled together a prayer group – and all of us in the circle, led by Angela, put out the intention for this baby girl to be delivered healthy and with no problems. Miraculously, something shifted in the universe because the very next morning, a beautiful, healthy little girl was birthed – and there were absolutely no complications whatsoever! It was astounding and my family and I will be eternally grateful to Angela and her spontaneously-pulled-together circle group for having made what could well have been a devastating catastrophe into a breathtaking miracle that has made all of us in our family believe in the power of intention and positive energy. Wow! Thank you!


Wendy Weitzman, Founder of The Studio/Technical Coach (A Pilates and Yoga Studio)

My experience with Dr. Angela Segal can only be described as peaceful magic. The techniques and intuitive insight she uses helped immediately to calm and eliminate longstanding pain that I have had because of bad anxiety. The effectiveness of the treatment she gave me was nothing short of unexplainable. I had the feeling of peaceful calm. The next sessions (after results like that, of course I had to have more sessions!) built on the first one. It was truly amazing! That's why I use the word magic – having had these healing experiences was nothing short of magical. And I have not had a panic episode since. Is it energy? Is it intuition? Maybe it's both. Whatever the case, I am grateful to have had the experience. Angela is truly extraordinary.


Scott Donroe, Physical Therapist

I have experienced profound healing as a result of my work with Angela. She has helped me heal long-standing emotional traumas that I had never before fully processed and integrated. As a result, I have experienced relief on all levels – not just in my emotional life but also throughout my physical body. Thank you so much for sharing yours gifts with me, Dr. Segal. I am eternally grateful.

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